2024/2025 Admissions into the University of Buea

Below are frequently asked questions on the subject of applications for admission into the University of Buea. The answers to these questions should help or guide you in the process of this admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please access the UB website via the link http://www.ubuea.cm and click on admission on the navigation bar or directly access the Go-Student Portal via the link www.ubstudent.online and click on the Admission button. Please follow the next steps for successful admission.

  • Click on Click Here to Apply Now.This will redirect you to a new page.
  • If you already have an admission account, feel free to click on the Log in to your admission Account link in order to log into your account. If not just follow the steps below to create an admission account
  • Click on Create Application Account if you do not have an admission account yet and fill the form in the new page that comes up . Please remember to select the Admission type you want to go in for
  • Click on Create Application Account. This will create the account and log you into that account immediately.
  • If your account type is an Entrance Examination Account,you will be presented with a list of faculties with Entrance Exams launched for their programs,click on the Continue button on a faculty's card,Choose a program and click on "Apply Now" if the program has been launched.
  • If your account type is a General Admission Account,Click on Admission Form on the left-hand side of your tab menu.
  • If you have not yet paid platform charges and or admission fees,you will be required to make these payments.Please remember to select a degree type you are applying for before making admission fee payment for General Admission.
    For each payment to be made,please choose a payment method and click on it, enter your account number and click on make payment to complete the payment. You will be sent a transaction message with details after confirming your payment. After this,you will be redirected to a page where you will be required to fill your personal information.
  • N/B: Take note that the amount for admission fee payment for General Admission differs from that of Entrance Exam and it is not your school fees!!
  • Fill your Personal Information, Click on Save and Continue.Please do same for Other Information tab
  • Select your program from the list of programs under the university, carefully
    Note: The requirements that are needed for the various programs.
  • Enter your qualifications
  • Ensure that you properly verify your information as no corrections can be made after submission of form
  • Click on submit form
  • Click on download form to secure a copy of the submitted form.You may also apply for SMS notification in order to receive an sms notification once admission is out
  • Note: You may navigate across these categorized information through the tab menu.
General Admission is for programs which require just a submission of documents to get in to them while Entrance Exam is for programs which requires a pass in a written competitive exam.
You may have the exact amount but MTN deducts charges during transactions so you need to have a little above that amount to successfully go to the next step in the application process.
Please ensure that your picture is of type jpg or jpeg and size less than 500Kb.
It is the number of times you wrote either the GCE O/L or A/L before succeeding. If you wrote just once and had it, then you fill the subjects and grades in the first sitting but if you wrote more than once, you fill the number of papers you had for the different sittings.
No,you can't, nevertheless you may apply for admission into two different degree levels by creating two different accounts with two different usernames.
If you didn’t please click the following link to talk to someone or leave your specific questions Click me if you need help